About Me

First off, I am not a make-up artist. I am however, an artist. I am a 26-year old children's book author with a passion for make-up.

My experience with writing goes back further than my experience with make-up. I started writing at age 10 after winning a local competition on campus journalism. In high school, I became the youngest editor on the school paper's editorial staff. I participated in local, regional  and national writing conferences. In the end, I ended up pursuing a degree in English Language and Literature.

I turned to make-up when I started law school. With all the time I spent studying, there was no time left over to draw, sketch or paint. Also, the College of Law at my university has a pretty rigid dress code. There was no room for creativity in the way I dressed. My face was the one area the handbook did not cover. It became my canvas.

I've since put a pin on my pursuit of a Law degree. I am now currently running my own little indie publishing company. In the three years since its birth, I have produced three (3) children's books. Ultimately, I found that despite the difficulties before me, I couldn't shun my creative side. Instead, I embraced it. I found a way to merge my two loves [art and writing] and decided to pursue it. Though both may take on different forms in make-up and blogging, the spirit of it is the same.

I am an artist. Try and tell me otherwise.

About the Blog

I started Make-up Maite in September 2011. It started out as a creative outlet; a way for me to release all the pent-up imaginative fancies. Then it became more than that. I wanted to share my discoveries on my newfound passion for health and beauty as well as my experiences as a frustrated artistand make-up enthusiast with girls going through similar stages in their lives. I wanted to empower young women to pursue what they love despite what hardships they may encounter.

Make-up may be a strange medium, but it paints a pretty picture.


I do not claim to be an expert on health or beauty. The articles posted on my blog are composed of researched materials and my unreserved opinions. They may not be up-to-date, comprehensive, or even correct. They do not supersede the views of learned professionals.

All products reviewed are my own purchases unless stated otherwise.

Random things you might want to know about me:

I am Filipina.
I stand 5 feet 6 inches and am the shortest member of my family.
I bite my nails.
My favorite color is blue.

Cameras I use for the blog:

Canon EOS 50D
Canon Digital IXUS 120IS
Samsung Note 4