Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Make-over - Night Out

Last Friday night, my cousin Katrina managed to ambush me into doing her make-up for Tilt's Black Party. I ended up doing hers as well as three of her friends'. Not that I'm complaining. I needed this impromptu gig. I needed the practice.

I wish I'd had the forethought to take before and after pictures of each of them.

L-R: Katrina, Joyce, Maan and Clarice.

Katrina wanted to wear a red lip so I went pretty easy on the eyes. She has a thin liner along the lid and some neutral shadows. I contoured along her cheeks and jaw to slim it down and applied a bright pink blush to the apples. She has a matte red lip cream on and I conviced her to run a clear gloss over it.

Maan is what we in the Philippines call a chinita. With her, I had to use darker shades and thicker lines to really open up her eyes. Though you can't really see it in this shot, they're smoked out. Her cheeks are also contoured but in a shade lighter than the one I used on Katrina. I then lined and filled her lips with a dark red lipstick, then went over the middle with more of an orange color. I then topped it off with some clear gloss.

With Clarice I used mostly light browns and grays on the eyes. I lined both upper and lower lash lines as well as upper and lower waterlines. I used a nude lip cream on her and topped it off with a nude gloss. I also filled in her brows to make them appear fuller.

With Joyce's eyes i decided to use more color. I used a few shades of purple then smoked it out with some dark blue and black. Her lashes were so long and full that I barely had to line her eyes. I used softer pinks on her cheeks and lips.

I'll be sure to take solo pictures the next time I do one of these.

'til next time,

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