Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I've been an avid supporter of Michelle Phan ever since I stumbled across one of her video tutorials on Youtube almost a year ago. In early December I found out that Michelle founded a company called Personal Beauty Discovery along with Youtube gurus Jessica, Promise, Bethany and Andrea. The company operates on a website dubbed MyGlam. The aforementioned Youtube gurus have come to be called the Glam Girls.

The website offers monthly as well as yearly subscriptions at $10 and $110 respectively. A subscription entitles members to what is being called a Glam Bag. A Glam Bag is a make-up bag full of deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products hand-picked by the Glam Girls. Collectively, the products in the Glam Bag, if bought at a drugstore or department store, would be worth a lot more than $10. In fact, the website boasts that the January Glam Bag is valued at $50. Ultimately, you are getting a lot more than you're paying for.

The only downside to the awesomeness that is MyGlam is that they do not ship internationally. Subscriptions are only available to those living in the US.

I signed up for my Glam Bag on January 9 so MyGlam should ship out my first bag in February. They're calling it the "Valentines Bag." Naturally, I had it shipped to a US address. It's going to my bestfriend in Kansas before it can make its way to me.

I might receive mine a little later than Valentines Day, as I live in the Philippines and have to wait on my friend in the US, but I am by no means less excited.

For those of you in the United States, sign up on the MyGlam website and get your subscription now! Support Michelle Phan and the Glam Girls!

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